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Orwell Aquatics is a small independent outlet situated in Felixstowe. Our shop is set up in a converted Dutch barn. We house 60+ fish tanks and a large range of dry goods. As a Licensed Pet Shop we import fish from various countries around the world.

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27th January 2017

As we can’t always keep the website updated with our available fish, please check out our complete current stock list – Please note some items can sell out fast!
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I cannot recommend them enough ~ Seth Bannister

“For years I have shopped at over priced franchised outlets, grotty, poorly kept online based setups and chain stores with no knowledge, never really finding what I needed. When the time came to sell on my monster Severums with the plan of starting over with the same Heros Efasciatus, the Ark provided. What Monique and Stuart have achieved here is a quality source of common and rarer species at sensible prices, with the promise of a decent conversation and honest advice. I cannot recommend them enough. I have a project coming up for a Geophagus surinamensis biotope and when the time comes, I know where my stock will be coming from.”

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